Special Promotions

Set Number Name Years
2126Train Cars1997-1998
2150Train Station1996-1998
3225Classic Train1998

Numerical Listing of My Own Train

Set Number Name Years
KT303My Own Train - Small Engine Blue2001-
KT304My Own Train - Small Engine Green2001-
KT305My Own Train - Small Engine Black2001-
KT306My Own Train - Small Engine Brown2001-
KT307My Own Train - Small Engine Grey2001-
KT403My Own Train - Small Engine Blue with Tender2001-
KT404My Own Train - Small Engine Green with Tender2001-
KT405My Own Train - Small Engine Black with Tender2001-
KT406My Own Train - Small Engine Brown with Tender2001-
KT407My Own Train - Small Engine Grey with Tender2001-
KT103My Own Train - Large Engine Blue2001-
KT104My Own Train - Large Engine Green2001-
KT105My Own Train - Large Engine Black2001-
KT106My Own Train - Large Engine Brown2001-
KT107My Own Train - Large Engine Grey2001-
KT203My Own Train - Large Engine Blue with Tender2001-
KT204My Own Train - Large Engine Green with Tender2001-
KT205My Own Train - Large Engine Black with Tender2001-
KT206My Own Train - Large Engine Brown with Tender2001-
KT207My Own Train - Large Engine Grey with Tender2001-

Numerical Listing of Train LEGO Legends

Set Number Name Years
10002Railroad Club Car2001-

Numerical Listing of 10000 LEGO Direct Series

Set Number Name Years
10013Open Freight Wagon2001-
10015Passenger Wagon2001-
10017Hopper Wagon2001-
10020Santa Fe Super Chief2002-
10022Santa Fe Cars Set II2002-
10025Santa Fe Cars Set I2002-

Numerical Listing of 4500 Series

Set Number Name Years
4515Straight Rails1991-
4519Cross Track1999-
4520Curved Rails1991-
4525Rail and Road Excavator1994-1998
4531Manual Points1991-
4532Level Crossing1996-1998
4533Snow Plow1999-
4536Self-Discharging Hopper1991-1992
4537Octan Rail Tanker1993-1995
4539Strand Junction1991-1995
4541Road N' Rail Cherry Picker Truck1999-
4543Transport Wagon1991-1993
4544Car Transporter1994-1995
4546Rail and Road Combi-Vehicle1991-1993
4547Euro Express Tourist Car1993-1994
4548Transformer and Speed Regulator1991-
4549Container Double Stack1993-1995
4551Austrian Federal Railways1991-1993
4552Track Repair Team1995-1998
4553Train Wash1999-
4554Central Station1991-1994
4555Container Depot1995-1998
4556Small Station1999-
4557Freight Station1999-
4558Euro Express1991-1995
4559High Speed Train Starter Set1996-1998
4561Railway Express1999-
4563Euro Freight Line1991-1993
4564Freight Express1994-1995
4565Freight Train Set1996-

Key To Listing Table

Set Number
LEGO® set number, these are now standard world-wide.
Set name according to UK catalogues for sets issued before 1998, US catalogues for sets issued in 1998 or later.
Year introduced in Europe. Up until 1996 intoduction in the USA was generally about a year later.

Key To Individual Set Tables

UK Name
Set name according to UK catalogues.
US Name
Name of set in the USA.
Number of interlocking pieces in the set. Does not include instructions or stickers.
Years available in the UK. Obviously, some stores may still have stock after these dates. For sets issued in 1998 or later, the availability refers to US LEGO Shop at Home.
Number of LEGO® people in the set.
Retail price in US Dollars. These are very approximate and do not include tax or possible discounts. They are based on the price that I found them for when they were available. The Shop at Home prices are shown in brackets. Many recent sets have never appeared in US shops so I don't know the retail price, these prices are marked N/A.
Electric System
Types of 9V electrical pieces included.
Alternate Model
Indicates if instructions include plans for an alternate model.