Links to Other LEGO® Train Sites

LEGO Train Groups

PNLTCPacific Northwest LEGO® Train Club
NGLTCNorth Georgia LEGO® Train Club
GMLTCGreater Midwest LEGO® Train Club
NCLTCNorth Carolina LEGO® Train Club
GFLTCGreater Florida LEGO® Train Club
NELUGNew England LEGO® User Group
BAYLUGBay Area LEGO® User Group
FGLTCFirst German LEGO® Train Club
WamaLTC   Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area LEGO® Train Club
MichLUGMichigan LEGO Users Group
VLCVancouver LEGO Club
NALUGNorthern Alberta Lego Users Group
EJLTCEast Japan LEGO Train Club
LTC MapMap of North American LEGO Train Clubs

Other LEGO Train Resources

Trains.comLEGO Train section on
L-GaugeL-Gauge / Tom's LEGO Shop (DCC LEGO Trains)
Rail RacersRail Racers - Drag Racing LEGO Trains

Misc. Train Images

James MathisGreat MOC train images by James Mathis

Personal Sites

Jeff ChristnerNova Township, A great train layout with lots of original creations to see.
Joshua DelahuntyLEGO® Reviews Page - includes some of the 9V Train range.
Leo DorstHand drawn designs of some train projects, including his version of a point motor and a crossover.
Ben FleskesUnion Station, Amtrak Train, Roundhouse, 4-4-0 Steam Engine, Modular Tables, Bridges, Pneumatic Point Motor and more.
Joseph W. LauherToy Construction Homepage - late 60's catalogue (Samsonite Era), old layout and trains.
Ben JacksonRay traced train stations.
Christopher MasiOriginal train creations. Locomotives, draw bridge.
Larry PieniazekLarge collection of train creations.
Ludo SoeteLudo's LEGO Models. Ideas for automating monorail.
Thomas ?LDraw instructions for his own creations and some of the standard 9V range.