Spare Parts

This page lists the spares available for the 9V Trains and some that are still available in Germany for the old 4.5V and 12V Trains.

Part Number Description Pieces YearPriceAvailable
5300Electric Train Motor31991$27.00Yes
5301Wagon Floor Bed (Grey)11992$3.00No
5302Bogie Plates21992$2.50Yes
5303Buffers, Magnets and Couplings61992$3.50Yes
53059V Train Connecting Lead11992$6.75Yes
5306Plates 2x2 with Wire, 9V 26cm11992N/ANo
5307Headlight Bricks (Red)31994N/ANo
5308Headlight Bricks (Black)31994N/ANo
5309Wagon Floor Bed (Red)11996$3.00Yes
5310Headlight Bricks (Black) plus Conducting Plate41996$5.25Yes
5311Plates 2x2 with Wire, 9V 25.6cm11996N/AYes1
1Not available from US Shop at Home but is available in Europe from the spare parts service.

Information on this page is from European and US spare parts lists. Prices are in US$ from the US Shop at Home Catalog.

Want to know where to get these? See Where to Buy LEGO® Spares.

The following table is from the German spares service who claim to still have certain spares available from the old 4.5V and 12V trains. They can be contacted at Obviously, the year column isn't right since some of them are still available but I think they represent the years that they officially appeared in spares catalogues.

Part Number Year Description Available
50611987-91Connector Leads, 75cm and 25cmYes
50621987-9312V Shunting Trip Posts and SignalNo
50631987-9312V Power Supply RailYes
50641987-93Locomotive Wheels x 4Yes
50651987-933m Wire and Two Way PlugsYes
50661987-93Buffer Sets and Couplings x 2No
50671987-93Rubber Wheel Rims x 8Yes
50681987-93Train Base Plate and CouplingsNo
50691987-9312V Lighting Bricks x 2No
50701987-93Wheel Sets x 2 (Black)Yes
50711987-93Large Wheel Sets x 2 (Red)Yes
50721987-93Wagon Base Plate, 6x28 StudsNo
50731987-93Light Transmitting ElementsYes
50741987-93Bogie Plates x 2Yes
50751987-934.5V Battery Tender (Red)Yes
50761990-93Plates, 2x8 Studs x 6(White)Yes
50771989-93Sliding Doors and RailsYes
50791989-9312V Changeover UnitYes
50801989-9312V Remote Control for PointsYes
50811989-9312V Remote Control for SignalYes
50821989-9312V Flash Light UnitYes
50831989-9312V Remote Control for CrossingYes
50841989-9312V Light Brick for SignalNo
50851989-9312V Isolating Rail with SocketYes
50861989-9312V Train Motor without accessoriesNo
52001988-93Signal Masts and Feet x 4Yes
78501980-934.5V Straight Track (Grey)Yes
78511980-934.5V Curved Track (Grey)No
78521980-934.5V Points (Grey)Yes
78541980-9312V Straight Conductor Rails (Grey)No
78551980-9312V Curved Conductor Rails (Grey)Yes
78561980-9312V Manual Points (Grey)Yes
78571980-9312V Crossover (Grey)Yes
78581980-9312V Remote Controlled Right PointNo
78591980-9312V Remote Controlled Left PointNo
78601980-9312V Remote Controlled SignalYes
78611980-9312V Lighting SetYes
78631980-9312V Remote Controlled Point MotorYes
78641980-9312V Transformer/ControllerYes
78651980-9312V Train Motor with accessoriesYes
78671983-9312V Lamp Posts x 4No