<html> <head><title>Train Depot Track Designer - Acknowledgements</title></head> <body bgcolor="FFFFFF"> <a href="index.htm"><img align="right" src="images/depot.gif" border="0" WIDTH="33" HEIGHT="33"></a> <h4>Train Depot Track Designer - Acknowledgements</h4> <p>Thank you to everybody who helped me with Track Designer 2.0 ...</p> <p>David Graham, Ludo Souete, Gary Louie, David Harris and Manfred Moolhuysen for finding all the bugs in the beta releases and for sending me additional pieces for the registry.</p> <p>My wife for putting up with many hours spent tracking down bugs.</p> <p>My cat for keeping my lap warm while I typed.</p> <p>All the users of version 1.0 who sent me suggestions for improvements.</p> </body> </html>