<html> <head><title>Train Depot Track Designer - New Features in 2.0</title></head> <body bgcolor="FFFFFF"> <a href="index.htm"><img align="right" src="images/depot.gif" border="0" WIDTH="33" HEIGHT="33"></a> <h4>Train Depot Track Designer - New Features in 2.0</h4> <ul> <li>Zoom in/out between 0.25 studs/pixel and 2 studs/pixel.</li> <li>Support for 12V Train, Roadplates and Monorail.</li> <li>Supplied with buildings for 9V Trains series.</li> <li>Drag-box selection.</li> <li>Improved path selection.</li> <li>User-defined pieces for extending the registry.</li> <li>Decription and comments can be stored with layouts.</li> <li>Pieces listed on printouts.</li> <li>Elevation support with configurable incline rules.</li> <li>Automatic generation of rotated and scaled renderings.</li> <li>Print preview button on the toolbar.</li> <li>Extended status bar information.</li> <li>Cut, copy, paste support for registry items.</li> <li>Copy pieces from registry to layouts.</li> <li>Copy renderings from registry to paint programs for editing.</li> <li>Improved reference to element registry.</li> <li>Insert pieces by part number.</li> </body> </html>