Section 01-10: Seats and Tracks
1996 F-150, F-250, F-350, F-Super Duty and Bronco Workshop Manual

Seat Cushion Cover and/or Pad, Bucket Seat

NOTE: Repairs to seat cushions or seat backs are performed outside the vehicle and are usually for replacement of torn, worn or burned seat covers. In a few instances, the pads might be damaged and require replacement.


  1. Remove seat from vehicle. Refer to Captain Chairs, Front in the Removal and Installation portion of this section.

  1. Disconnect electrical connector, if equipped with power seats.

  1. Remove front seat back (64810) from front seat cushion frame and spring (63100).

  1. Remove J-clips retaining front seat cushion cover (62900) to front seat cushion frame and spring.

  1. Remove front seat cushion cover.

  1. Remove J-clips retaining front seat back cover (64416) to front seat back frame (61018). Remove front seat back cover.



  1. Follow removal procedures in reverse order.

    Front Seat Cushion, Seat Back and Cover Installation, Bronco, Typical View

    ItemPart NumberDescription
    1632A22Front Seat Cushion Pad
    263100Front Seat Cushion Frame and Spring
    362900Front Seat Cushion Cover
    661692Front Seat Back Pivot
    862648Front Seat Back Latch
    964810Front Seat Back
    1061018Front Seat Back Frame
    1164416Front Seat Back Cover