Section 05-03A: Axle, Front Drive, Dana Models 44 and 50
1996 F-150, F-250 4x4 and Bronco Workshop Manual


Drive Pinion Preload2.25-3.4 Nm
(20-30 Lb-In)
Ring Gear Backlash0.13-0.23mm
(0.005-0.009 Inch).
No More than 0.08mm (0.003 Inch) Variation in Any Three Places.
Differential Gear Torque-to-TurnLess than 3.4 Nm (30 Lb-In)

Axle ModelApproximate Capacity
U.S. PintsImperial PintsLiters
Dana 44 IFS3.63.01.7
Dana 50 IFS3.83.21.8

Note: Use 4x4 Gear Oil F1TZ-19580-A or equivalent meeting Ford specification WSL-M2C191-A. Add 0.089L (3 ounces) of Ford Friction Modifier F3TZ-19B546-MA or equivalent meeting Ford specification WSP-M2C196-A, if equipped with Limited Slip (Dana 44 IFS Only).

End Yoke Nut244-271180-200
Bearing Cap Bolts108-12280-90
Differential Retaining Bolts41-5430-40
Ring Gear Bolts (Grade 9)
(Model 44)
Ring Gear Bolts (Grade 9)
(Model 50)
Support Arm Tabs to Carrier Bolts115-13585-100
Driveshaft to Yoke Nuts and U-Bolts11-208-15
Coil Spring/Insulator to Lower Spring Seat95-13590-100
Upper Spring Retainer and Screw35-4526-33
Axle Assembly to Crossmember Pivot Bolt F-150/Bronco212-288156-212
Shock Absorber Mounting Plate U-Bolts113-15383-113
Top Ball Joint Stud Nuta136 Nm100
Bottom Ball Joint Stud Nuta123-14991-110 
Spindle to Steering Knuckle Nuts (Both Sides) (Model 50)68-8150-60
Spindle to Steering Knuckle Nuts (Both Sides) (Model 44)4735
Front Axle Bearing and Pivot Bracket to Crossmember Nuts88-11865-87
Radius Arm to Axle Lower Bolt435-461320-340
Radius Arm to Axle Upper Stud325-351240-259
Wheel Bearing Retainer Nut (Automatic Locking Hub)1.816
Wheel Bearing Lock Nut Inner (Manual Locking Hub)68b50b
Wheel Bearing Lock Nut Outer (Manual Locking Hub)217-278160-205
Locking Hub Cap Capscrew4-635-53
Axle Assembly to Crossmember Pivot Bolt (F-250)149-201110-148
Lower Shock Bracket (Front) Bolts34-4625-34
Radius Arm Bracket (Front) Bolts26-3419-25
Spring Insulator Sleeve Nut (F-250)170-230125-170
Radius Arm Bracket (Rear) Nuts76-10456-77
Front Shock Lower Mounting Nut (Except Bronco w/Quad Shocks)60-8044-59
Front Shock Upper Mounting Nut (F-150 and Bronco)34-4625-34
Front Axle Bumper Bracket Nut (F-250)77-10357-80
Front Shock Upper Mounting Nut (F-250)60-8044-59
Front Shock Lower Mounting Nut (Bronco with Quad Shocks)53-7239-53
Front Spring Mounting Bracket Nuts (F-250)47-7835-60
a Requires specific tightening sequence for proper installation. Refer to Steering Knuckle in the Removal and Installation portion of this section.
b While rotating front disc brake hub and rotor, tighten to 68 Nm
   (50 lb-ft) to seat wheel bearings. Back nut off 90 degrees (1/4 turn).