Section 11-02B: Steering Gear, Power, Ford
1996 F-150, F-250, F-350, F-Super Duty and Bronco Workshop Manual

Steering Gear Housing

DescriptionTool Number
Bench Mounted Holding FixtureT57L-500-B
Impact Slide HammerT59L-100-B
Sector Shaft Seal ReplacerT77L-3576-A


  1. Place steering gear housing in Bench Mounted Holding Fixture T57L-500-B.

  1. Remove the snap ring from the lower end of the steering gear housing (3548) using Retaining Ring Pliers D79L-7000-A or equivalent.

  1. Remove dust seal using Puller T58L-101-B and Impact Slide Hammer T59L-100-B. Discard the seal.

  1. Remove pressure seal in the same manner. Discard the seal.


  1. NOTE: Proper seal installation tools and procedures must be used to prevent damage to seals during assembly.

    Lubricate the new pressure seal and new dust seal with clean Multi-Purpose Grease D0AZ-19584-AA or equivalent meeting Ford specification ESB-M1C93-A.

  1. Apply Multi-Purpose Grease D0AZ-19584-AA or equivalent meeting Ford specification ESB-M1C93-A to the sector shaft seal bore.

  1. Place the dust seal on Sector Shaft Seal Replacer T77L-3576-A so the raised lip of the steering gear sector shaft housing oil seal (3591) is toward the tool.

  1. Place the pressure seal on the tool with lip away from the tool. The flat side of the pressure seal should be against the flat side of the dust seal.

  1. Insert the seal driver tool into the sector shaft bore and drive the tool until the seals clear the snap ring groove. Do not bottom seals against bearing. The seal will not function properly when bottomed against the bearing.

  1. Install snap ring in the groove in the housing.

  1. Apply a generous amount of Ford Multi-Purpose Grease D0AZ-19584-AA or equivalent grease meeting Ford specification ESB-M1C93-A to the areas between the seal lips.