Section 12-02: Heating and Defrosting
1996 F-150, F-250, F-350, F-Super Duty and Bronco, F-Super Duty Motorhome Chassis Workshop Manual

Heater Water Hoses


The following illustrations show the heater water hose (18472) installations on the 4.9L (300 CID), 5.0L (302 CID), 5.8L (351 CID), 7.3L (445 CID), and 7.5L (460 CID) engines.

The following procedure applies to each of the installations.

  1. Drain the coolant from the cooling system.

  1. Loosen the clamps and remove the heater water hoses from the vehicle.

  1. Cut a length of heater water hose from bulk stock which is the same length and diameter as that of the heater water hose that has been removed. Bulk hose will require some modification on vehicles with E4OD automatic transmissions because the "T" in the hose has a factory crimp for retention to the tee.



  1. Route the heater water hoses as shown in the applicable illustration.

  1. Install the heater water hoses on their fittings and tighten the attaching clamps to 2-3 Nm (18-27 lb-in).

  1. Fill and bleed the cooling system. Refer to Section 03-03.

  1. Check for coolant leaks and proper operation of the system.

    Heater Hose Installation, 4.9L (300 CID) SFI Engine

    ItemPart NumberDescription
    218472Heater Water Hose (Vehicles Without E4OD Transmission [2 Req'd])
    318481Heater Hose Support Bracket
    418A484Heater Plenum Chamber Case
    518472Heater Water Hose

    Heater Hose Installation, 5.0L (302 CID) MFI Engine (Heater Hose Routing Same Without A/C)

    ItemPart NumberDescription
    1Existing Screw (Part of Cowl Panel)
    219D734A/C Manifold and Tube
    39D930Wiring Assembly
    4N805334-S2Bolt Manifold to Compressor (1 Req'd)
    519D629Compressor and Clutch Assembly
    6Heated Throttle Body System (Part of 9E926)
    818472Heater Water Hose (2 Req'd)
    919850A/C Evaporator Housing
    1018A586Wiring Assembly
    1119N704Clip (2 Req'd)
    12Tag A/C Service Instructions (Part of Suction Accumulator/Drier)
    1319835Condenser to Evaporator Tube
    14376240-S100Hose Clamp (2 Req'd)
    158548Water Bypass Tube
    16Existing Screw
    (Part of 8146)
    178146Fan Shroud
    18U-Nuts (Part of 8146)

    Heater Hose Installation, 5.8L (351 CID) MFI Engine (Heater Hose Routing Same Without A/C)

    ItemPart NumberDescription
    1Existing Screw (Part of Cowl Top Outer Panel)
    219D734A/C Manifold and Tube
    319N704A/C Compressor Hose Clip
    4Dipstick (Part of 6007)
    59D930Fuel Charging Wiring
    619703A/C Compressor
    719618A/C Evaporator Temperature Control Thermostat
    818472Heater Water Hose
    919850A/C Evaporator Housing
    1019B679A/C Hose Clamp (2 Req'd)
    11Wiring (Part of 14401)
    12376240-S100Hose Clamp (2 Req'd)
    138146Fan Shroud
    1419835Condenser to Evaporator Tube
    15U-Nuts (Part of 8146)
    169E799Speed Control Vacuum Reservoir
    17Tag A/C Service Instructions (Part of 19C808)

    Heater Hose Installation, 7.3L (445 CID) Diesel Engine (Heater Hose Routing Same Without A/C)

    ItemPart NumberDescription
    1Existing Screw (Part of Cowl Panel)
    219N704A/C Compressor Hose Clip
    319D734A/C Manifold and Tube
    419B679A/C Hose Clamp
    5389766-8287Heater Hose Connection
    618599Hot Water Heater Elbow Connection
    719835Condenser to Evaporator Tube
    818472Heater Water Hose (Inlet) (C-6 or Auto Trans.)
    918472Heater Water Hose (Outlet)
    1018472Heater Water Hose (Inlet)
    11Locator (Part of 14401)
    1219850A/C Evaporator Housing
    13Wiring (Part of 14401)
    14Existing Retainer
    (Part of 19850)
    1519E561A/C Cycling Switch
    16A/C Service Instructions Tag (Part of 19C808)
    17Junction (Part of 18C266)
    18Plate (Part of 6007)
    20Connector (Part of 8005)
    23180331Bracket Assembly
    25Ear (Part of 10346)
    ATighten to 2-3 Nm
    (18-27 Lb-In)
    BTighten to 7-11 Nm
    (62-97 Lb-In)

    Heater Hose Installation, 7.5L (460 CID) Engine (Heater Hose Routing Same Without A/C)

    ItemPart NumberDescription
    119D734A/C Manifold and Tube
    219N704A/C Compressor Hose Clip
    419703A/C Compressor
    519B679A/C Hose Clamp
    619835Condenser to Evaporator Tube
    718472Heater Water Hose
    819850A/C Evaporator Housing
    918472Heater Water Hose
    1019B679A/C Hose Clamp
    118146Fan Shroud
    138548Water Bypass Tube (E4OD)
    ATighten to 17-23 Nm
    (13-17 Lb-Ft)
    BTighten to 2-3 Nm
    (18-27 Lb-In)