Section 13-09: Gauges/Warning Devices, Chime/Buzzer System
1996 F-150, F-250, F-350, F-Super Duty Chassis Cab Workshop Manual

Electrical Schematics

Warning Chime/Buzzer System

Instrument Cluster Connector C1

Pin NumberCircuitCircuit Function
1904 (LG/R)Charge Indicator Lamp
2932 (GY/W)High Beam Indicator Input
357 (BK)Ground
4450 (DG/LG)Fasten Belt Indicator Input
529 (Y/W)Fuel Level Input (with Tachometer)
619 (LB/R)Instrument Cluster Illumination Input
757 (BK)Ground
82 (W/LB)Right Turn Input
9648 (W/PK)Tachometer Input Signal
10398 (BK/Y)Tachometer Ground (for 8-Cylinder)
11784 (LB/BK)Low Range Indicator Input
12210 (LB)4x4 Indicator Input
13640 (R/Y)Power Supply in RUN and START
1416 (R/LG)Charge Indicator Input

Headlamp Switch Connector

Pin NumberCircuitCircuit Function
B138 (BK/O)Headlamp Switch Feed from Fuse Panel
B2195 (T/W)Headlamp Switch Feed
I294 (W/LB)Fused Accy Feed No. 3
IGN137 (Y/BK)Radio Switch Feed
R14 (BR)Headlamps ON Signal to Chime/Buzzer
H15 (R/Y)Headlamp Dimmer Switch Feed
DN484 (O/BK)Audio Liquid Crystal Display
D154 (LG/Y)Interior Lamp Switch Feed
D255 (BK/PK)
706 (GY)a
Cargo Lamp Switch to Cargo Lamp
Battery Saver Feed
a Remote keyless entry only.

Warning Chime/Buzzer Module Connector

Pin NumberCircuitCircuit Function
114 (BR)Headlamps ON Signal to Chime/Buzzer
2159 (R/PK)Driver Door Courtesy Lamp Switch to Chime/Buzzer
385 (BR/LB)Safety Belt Switch to Chime/Buzzer
4158 (BK/PK)Key-in-Ignition Switch to Chime/Buzzer
557 (BK)Ground Circuit
6450 (DG/LG)Safety Belt Warning Indicator Lamp Feed
7640 (R/Y)Warning Lamps Feed

Clockspring Wiring Connector

Pin NumberCircuitCircuit Function
1Not Used
2848 (DG/O)Speed Control Switch to Amplifier
3Not Used
4Not Used
5151 (LB/BK)Speed Control On-Off Switch to Amplifier
61 (DB)Horn Switch Control
7Not Used
8Not Used
9Not Used
10158 (BK/PK)Key-in-Ignition Switch to Chime/Buzzer