SECTION 18: Diesel Diagnosis 7.3L DI Engine

Powertrain Control Module Pin Reference

Powertrain Control Module (PCM) Pin Reference

PinCircuitCircuit FunctionAbbreviation
1a315 (P/O)Shift Solenoid 2SS2
2658 (PK/LG)Check Engine LightCE
3Not Used
4977 (P/W)F-Series: Parking Brake Applied SwitchPBA
 162 (LG/R)Econoline: Parking Brake Applied Switch 
5308 (R/O)Idle Validation SwitchIVS
6Not Used
7Not Used
8Not Used
9Not Used
10Not Used
11Not Used
12Not Used
13107 (P)Flash EPROM Power SupplyFEPS
14a784 (LB/BK)4x4L4x4L
15915 (PK/LB)BUS (-)BUS (-)
16914 (T/O)BUS (+)BUS (+)
17Not Used
18Not Used
19Not Used
20Not Used
21Not Used
22Not Used
23Not Used
24Not Used
2557 (BK)Case GroundCase GND
26Not Used
27a237 (O/Y)Shift Solenoid 1SS1
28a480 (P/Y)Torque Converter ClutchTCC
29b306 (T/LB)
224 (T/W)
Clutch Pedal Position Switch
Transmission Control Switch
30553 (P/LB)Exhaust Back Pressure SensorEBP
31307 (BK/Y)F-Series: Brake Pressure Applied SwitchBPA
 810 (R/LG)Econoline: Brake Pressure Applied SwitchBPA
32Not Used
33676 (PK/O)Vehicle Speed Sensor GroundVSS-
34358 (LG/BK)MAP SensorMAP
35Not Used
36Not Used
37a923 (O/BK)Transmission Fluid TempTFT
38354 (LG/R)Engine Oil Temperature SensorEOT
39743 (GY)Intake Air Temperature InputIAT
40848 (DG/O)
563 (O/Y)
F-Series: Speed Control Ground
Econoline: Speed Control Ground
41a198 (DG/O)
347 (BK/Y)
F-Series: Air Conditioning Clutch
Econoline: Air Conditioning Clutch
42318 (GY/R)Exhaust Pressure RegulatorEPR
43Not Used
44Not Used
45Not Used
46Not Used
47Not Used
48818 (GY/W)IDM Signal Input
Electronic Feedback Line
49795 (DG)Camshaft Position SensorCMP
50c648 (W/PK)Tachometer Feed to Instrument ClusterTAC
51570 (BK/W)Power GroundPWR GND
52Not Used
53a924 (BR/O)Coast Clutch SolenoidCCS
54Not Used
5537 (Y)Keep Alive Power InputKAPWR
56Not Used
57Not Used
58679 (GY/BK)Vehicle Speed SensorVSS+
59Not Used
60Not Used
61151 (LB/BK)Speed Control Common SignalSCCS
62Not Used
63Not Used
64a199 (LB/Y)Transmission Range SensorTR
65796 (LB)Camshaft Position Sensor ReturnCMP GND
66Not Used
67Not Used
68Not Used
69Not Used
70814 (W/BK)IDM Enable OutputIDM EN
71361 (BR)Ignition PowerVPWR
72Not Used
73Not Used
74Not Used
75Not Used
76570 (BK/W)Power GroundPWR GND
77570 (BK/W)Power GroundPWR GND
78Not Used
79a911 (W/LG)Transmission Control Indicator LampTCIL
80464 (BK/PK)Wait to Start OutputGPL
81a925 (W/Y)Electronic Pressure ControlEPC
82Not Used
83552 (Y/R)Injection Pressure RegulatorIPR
84356 (DB/LG)BARO SensorBARO
85Not Used
86Not Used
87812 (DB/LG)F-Series: Injection Control Pressure SensorICP
 535 (LB/R)Econoline: Injection Control Pressure SensorICP
88Not Used
89355 (GY/W)Accelerator Pedal Position SensorAP Sensor
90351 (BR/W)Vehicle Reference VoltageVREF
91359 (GY/R)Signal ReturnSIG RTN
92511 (LG)Brake ON/OFF Switch InputBOO
93Not Used
94Not Used
95821 (BR/O)Fuel Delivery Command Signal OutputFDCS
96817 (Y/LB)Cylinder Identification Signal OutputCID
97361 (R)Vehicle PowerVPWR
98Not Used
99Not Used
100Not Used
1011086 (P/O)Glow Plug Control OutputGPC
102Not Used
103570 (BK/W)Power GroundPWR GND
104Not Used
a E4OD transmission only.
b CCS manual transmission only.
   TCS E4OD transmission only.
c Not used on Econoline.