1997 PCED OBDII-Diesel
SECTION 4C: Diagnostic Subroutines

Diagnostic Trouble Code Description
4 DigitDescriptionPinpoint Test Step Go to Direction
System Pass (No DTCs Available) California and all Econoline
P0107BARO Circuit Low InputAC1AC1
P0108BARO Circuit High InputAC8AC8
P0112IAT Sensor Circuit Low InputC5C8
P0113IAT Sensor Circuit High InputC1C8
P0122*Accelerator Pedal Sensor Circuit Low InputE5E5
P0123*Accelerator Pedal Sensor Circuit High InputE1E1
P0196EOT Sensor Circuit PerformanceY10
P0197*EOT Sensor Circuit Low InputY4Y6
P0198*EOT Sensor Circuit High InputY1Y6
P0220*Throttle Switch B Circuit MalfunctionAA1
P0221*Throttle Switch B Circuit MalfunctionAA1
P0236*Turbo Boost Sensor A Circuit PerformanceD1D1
P0237*Turbo Boost Sensor A Circuit Low InputD5D16
P0238*Turbo Boost Sensor A Circuit High InputD15D24
P0261*Injector Circuit Low Cylinder 1AB1AB1
P0262Injector Circuit High Cylinder 1AB6AB6
P0263Cylinder 1 Contribution/Balance FaultAB25
P0264*Injector Circuit Low Cylinder 2AB1AB1
P0265Injector Circuit High Cylinder 2AB6AB6
P0266Cylinder 2 Contribution/Balance FaultAB25
P0267*Injector Circuit Low Cylinder 3AB1AB1
P0268Injector Circuit High Cylinder 3AB6AB6
P0269Cylinder 3 Contribution/Balance FaultAB25
P0270*Injector Circuit Low Cylinder 4AB1AB1
P0271Injector Circuit High Cylinder 4AB6AB6
P0272Cylinder 4 Contribution/Balance FaultAB25
P0273*Injector Circuit Low Cylinder 5AB1AB1
P0274Injector Circuit High Cylinder 5AB6AB6
P0275Cylinder 5 Contribution/Balance FaultAB25
P0276*Injector Circuit Low Cylinder 6AB1AB1
P0277Injector Circuit High Cylinder 6AB6AB6
P0278Cylinder 6 Contribution/Balance FaultAB25
P0279*Injector Circuit Low Cylinder 7AB1AB1
P0280Injector Circuit High Cylinder 7AB6AB6
P0281Cylinder 7 Contribution/Balance FaultAB25
P0282*Injector Circuit Low Cylinder 8AB1AB1
P0283Injector Circuit High Cylinder 8AB6AB6
P0284Cylinder 8 Contribution/Balance FaultAB25
P0340CMP Sensor Circuit MalfunctionG1G1
P0341*CMP Sensor Circuit PerformanceG1G1
P0344*CMP Sensor Circuit IntermittentG1G1
P0380Glow Plug Circuit MalfunctionS3S3
P0381Glow Plug Indicator Circuit MalfunctionR1R3
P0470Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor Circuit MalfunctionH1H3
P0471Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor Circuit PerformanceH5
P0472Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor Circuit Low InputH9H9
P0473Exhaust Back Pressure Sensor Circuit High InputH15H15
P0475Exhaust Pressure Control Valve MalfunctionM1
P0476Exhaust Pressure Control Valve PerformanceM7M7
P0478Exhaust Pressure Control Valve High InputH17
P0500Vehicle Speed Sensor Malfunction KOER Tests (F-Series)J1
P0500Vehicle Speed Sensor Malfunction KOER TestsJA1
P0501Vehicle Speed Sensor Range/PerformanceJA10
P0502Vehicle Speed Sensor IntermittentJA11
P0560System Voltage MalfunctionA1
P0562System Voltage LowA1A1
P0563System Voltage HighA1A1
P0565Cruise "On" Signal MalfunctionF1
P0566Cruise "Off" Signal MalfunctionF1
P0567Cruise "Resume" Signal MalfunctionF1
P0568Cruise "Set" Signal MalfunctionF1
P0569Cruise "Coast" Signal MalfunctionF1
P0571Brake Switch A Circuit MalfunctionP1
P0603Internal Control Module KAM ErrorAH1AH1
P0605Internal Control Module ROM ErrorAG1AG1
P0606PCM Processor FaultAJ1
P0703Brake Switch B Circuit MalfunctionK1
P0704Clutch Pedal Position Switch Input Circuit MalfunctionN1
P0705**TR Sensor Circuit Malfunction*********
P0707**TR Sensor Circuit Low Input*********
P0708**TR Sensor Circuit High Input*********
P0712Transmission Fluid Temp. Sensor CKT Low Input*********
P0713Transmission Fluid Temp. Sensor CKT High Input*********
P0741TCC Circuit Performance*********
P0743Torque Converter Clutch System Electrical Failure*********
P0750Shift Solenoid 1 Malfunction*********
P0751Shift Solenoid A Performance*********
P0755Shift Solenoid 2 Malfunction*********
P0756Shift Solenoid B Performance*********
P0760Shift Solenoid C Malfunction*********
P07811-2 Shift Malfunction*********
P0781**1-2 Shift Malfunction*********
P0782**2-3 Shift Malfunction*********
P0783**3-4 Shift Malfunction*********
P1000OBDII Monitor Checks Not Complete, More Driving RequiredAP
P1111System Pass 49-State except EconolinePassPassPass
P1184Engine Oil Temp Sensor Circuit PerformanceY10
P1209Injection Control System Pressure Peak FaultX15
P1210Injection Control Pressure Above Expected LevelZ11Z22
P1211*ICP Not Controllable Pressure Above/Below DesiredX15X7X15
P1212*ICP Voltage Not at Expected LevelZ14
P1218CID Stuck HighV9V9
P1219CID Stuck LowV12V12
P1247Turbo Boost Pressure LowD1
P1248Turbo Boost Pressure Not DetectedD1
P1261High to Low Side Short Cylinder 1AB6AB6
P1262High to Low Side Short Cylinder 2AB6AB6
P1263High to Low Side Short Cylinder 3AB6AB6
P1264High to Low Side Short Cylinder 4AB6AB6
P1265High to Low Side Short Cylinder 5AB6AB6
P1266High to Low Side Short Cylinder 6AB6AB6
P1267High to Low Side Short Cylinder 7AB6AB6
P1268High to Low Side Short Cylinder 8AB6AB6
P1271High to Low Side Open Cylinder 1AB11AB11
P1272High to Low Side Open Cylinder 2AB11AB11
P1273High to Low Side Open Cylinder 3AB11AB11
P1274High to Low Side Open Cylinder 4AB11AB11
P1275High to Low Side Open Cylinder 5AB11AB11
P1276High to Low Side Open Cylinder 6AB11AB11
P1277High to Low Side Open Cylinder 7AB11AB11
P1278High to Low Side Open Cylinder 8AB11AB11
P1280*ICP Circuit Out of Range LowZ1Z1
P1281*ICP Circuit Out of Range HighZ8Z8
P1282Excessive ICPX5X5
P1283*IPR Circuit FailureX1
P1284ICP Failure Aborts KOER or CCT TestZ21
P1291High Side No. 1 (Right) Short to GND or B+AB16AB16
P1292High Side No. 2 (Left) Short to GND or B+AB16AB16
P1293High Side Open Bank No. 1 (Right)AB20AB20
P1294High Side Open Bank No. 2 (Left)AB20AB20
P1295*Multiple Faults on Bank No. 1 (Right)AB29AB29
P1296*Multiple Faults on Bank No. 2 (Left)AB29AB29
P1297High Sides Shorted TogetherAB27AB27
P1298IDM FailureV1V1
P1316Injector Circuit/IDM Codes DetectedU9U9
P1391Glow Plug Circuit Low Input Bank No. 1 (Right)S1S1
P1392Glow Plug Circuit High Input Bank No. 1 (Right)S1S1
P1393Glow Plug Circuit Low Input Bank No. 2 (Left)S1S1
P1394Glow Plug Circuit High Input Bank No. 2 (Left)S1S1
P1395Glow Plug Monitor Fault Bank No. 1S1S1
P1396Glow Plug Monitor Fault Bank No. 2S1S1
P1397System Voltage out of Self Test RangeS15S15
P1464A/C On During KOER or CCT TestAE1
P1501Vehicle Moved During TestingRepeat Test
P1502Invalid Self Test APCM FunctioningAFAFAF
P1531Invalid Test Accelerator Pedal MovementRepeat Test
P1536Parking Brake Applied FailureQ1
P1660Output Circuit Check Signal HighAMAM
P1661Output Circuit Check Signal LowANAN
P1662IDM  EN Circuit FailureW1
P1663FDCS Circuit FailureT1
P1667CID Circuit FailureV1
P1668PCM IDM Diagnostic Communication ErrorU1U1
P1670EF Feedback Signal Not DetectedU1
P1704Digital TRS Failed to Transition State
P1705TR Sensor out of Self Test Range*********
P1706**High Vehicle Speed in Park*********
P1711TFT Sensor Out of Self Test Range*********
P1714Shift Solenoid A Inductive Signature Malfunction*********
P1715Shift Solenoid B Inductive Signature Malfunction*********
P1727Coast Clutch Solenoid Inductive Signature Malfunction*********
P1728**Transmission Slip Error Converter Clutch Failed*********
P17294x4L Switch Error*********
P1740Torque Converter Clutch Inductive Signature Malfunction*********
P1742Torque Converter Clutch Failed On*********
P1744Torque Converter Clutch System Performance*********
P1746EPC Solenoid Open Circuit*********
P1747EPC Solenoid Short Circuit*********
P1748**EPC Malfunction*********
P1751Shift Solenoid A Performance*********
P1754CCS (Solenoid) Circuit Malfunction*********
P1756Shift Solenoid B Performance*********
P1779TCIL Circuit Malfunction*********
P1780TCS Circuit out of Self Test Range*********
P17814x4L Circuit out of Self Test Range*********
P1783**Transmission Overtemperature Condition*********
No CodeNo CommunicationAF1AF1AF1
No CodeAuxiliary Powertrain Control SystemAK1AK1AK1
No CodeTachometerAL1AL1AL1

* Check Engine light illuminates when fault is present. On California and all Econoline, CHECK ENGINE light will turn off if no fault is detected for four consecutive drive cycles.

** Transmission Control Indicator Light (TCIL) flashes when fault is present.

*** Refer to the Powertrain/Transmission Group in the Service Manual for diagnostic procedures.

Note: Speed control DTCs will be set during KOER Switch Test if the vehicle is not equipped with speed control. This is a normal condition. On these vehicles ignore the following DTCs P0565-P0566-P0567-P0568-P0569.